Friday, February 1, 2013


So I've been milling in the last couple weeks.  A LOT.  I really kind of hate the glyph market because on my server, glyphs usually fall between 9-15g each. I don't really see the profit potential in that when a stack of herbs costs more than 30g each.  The way I see the math is:

1 glyph = 3 ink = 6 pigment = 0.6 stacks of herbs.

I average around 5 ink per stack so I can get 5 glyphs out of 3 stacks.  Now if herbs are around 100g for 3 stacks, thats 20g/glyph to break even. Instead of that, I buy as many herbs as I can below 31.25g/stack (1.56g each). This is the exact amount I get back when I mill/ink then make BoP sholder enchants and vendor them. See I'm not really in it for the common inks. Sure I keep some extra on hand for making daily scrolls and whatnot, but the real profit comes in the free Starlight Ink I get as a byproduct. Now my math looks like this:

1 BoP enchant (18.75g) = 3 ink = 6 pigment = 0.6 stacks of herbs = 31.25g/stack

It is a lot of work, but the exchange nets me all the free Starlight Ink that I want to use. I recently maxed my second scribe just so I could make two daily scrolls, and thusly two daily darkmoon cards.  With the faire coming up this weekend, I stand poised to cash in at least 5 decks from stockpiled scrolls for basically no real overhead cost except time.  Since I mill (at the moment) while waiting for my raiding guild to get moving on raid nights, it isnt really that much of a loss in time.

Still I do need to streamline the process so that I am only doing it once every week or maybe once a month. I can continuously buy herbs throughout the month as prices fluctuate down, then take a saturday, pop in a movie and mill away all afternoon. I find this macro really speeds up the process too; just stick it on your numbered action bar and go to town:

/cast milling
/use green tea leaf
/use rain poppy
/use silkweed
/use snow lily
/use desecrated herb
/use fool's cap

It will only mill if you have at least 5 of an herb in the stack and will always go in the order listed. It enables 1-button milling which really saves time and doesn't force you to look at the screen if you want to multitask.

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