Sunday, February 10, 2013

Darkmoon Decks - Update

Two posts today for the price of none, to help catch up a little. I spent the week making Darkmoon cards and most of friday and saturday trying to trade and track down missing cards to complete those final decks. At the begining I think I said I was hoping for something like six decks....

...I ended up with twelve. I managed to buy 24 scrolls off a guildie in one shot, then a couple more as the week went of from him. Then traded to complete 5 decks on the last day of the faire.  (I had to buy one card, cost 1500g).  At that point I was left with multiples of two cards, and half the oxen deck so I broke down and bought the remaining four cards to the deck for about 2800g. The profit on that last deck won't be stellar but I should still turn 4 or 5k on it.

I ended the week about midnight saturday at the faire with:
2x Relic of Chi-Ji
4x Relic of Yu'lon
3x Relic of Xuen (I chose 2 agility and 1 strength)
3x Relic of Niuzao

I expect to sell the two healing trinkets for somewhere around 14-15k each, the 4 caster dps trinkets for 12-13k, the 3 agility/strength trinkets for 14-16k and the 3 Tanking trinkets for around 8k each. Its hard to say exactly how much I invested in these, but for the first half of my ink I was vendoring shoulder enchants and getting the rare ink for free or a profit.  After I began making glyphs all the common inks went to that.  I'm expecting to make around 150k off these in the next month, the vast majority of that should be pure profit.

I haven't completly decided whether to pursue darkmoon trinkets next month as well. I think it will be determined by how well these sell before the next faire.  I am planning to stock up on herbs and ink just in case and have lined up my guildie's scrolls plus the two of my own. 

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