Sunday, February 10, 2013

Inscription - Part 2

So it has been a couple days working through the inscription maze and I think I've got everything moving along now.  I crafted somewhere in the neighborhood of 155 different glyphs, at 10 per; totaling to over 1500 glyphs.

I would have been done sooner but ran out of ink a couple times and had to wait for sufficient quantities of reasonably priced herbs to show up.  Turns out that WotLK level herbs are really cheap. I was getting a lot of those for less than 2/3 the cost of Panda herbs, which should really help my profit margin in the end. My only real competition seems to be from one seller who posts rather frequently. I think he tried to scare me out of the market on the first day by crashing everything to 25g but I just waited him out for a day and resumed posting my glyphs at a 1c undercut to his. Typically glyphs are posting around the 44g mark.

Since I started selling late thursday, I have made approximately 2500 gold in this market, with a very large stockpile remaining to sell. I estimate that I invested about 930 stacks of herbs; which, because I got them for never more than 32g/stack and sometimes a lot less, makes it hard to put an exact price tag on it.  I had initially said that my crafting cost was 6.50g/ink // 19.50g/glyph, but I would say that is an incredibly conservative estimate. Probably somewhere closer to 16g per glyph would be more accurate.  The next time I need to restock I will have to keep better records. The math is telling me I spent about 25,000 gold stocking up, but my bankroll hasn't dropped more than about 10 or 15k in the last couple weeks. I guess supplemented by my other investments, it is possible. 

Lets say I spent 25k. I''ve received a 10% return so far, after less than 4 days, with a very active competition for the market. Thats not too bad.  I still have a ways to go, but I don't think I'm going to lose any money on this. If the market stays fairly healthy, and with my main competitor seeming to control it, I have no reason to see why it would change, then I expect to make about double my money over the long term. 

Now I just need to figure out how to tell TSM to restock me without having to go through and manually click which glyphs to make.  Back to the configuration settings...

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