Sunday, February 3, 2013

Darkmoon Faire

Its time once again for my favorite recurring holiday, the Darkmoon faire!  Now, I've always made gold off the faire. Even back before it got it's own island in Cataclysm. Back in the good old days (when you had to walk to Elwynn, downhill, in the...leaves?) You could sit on the two vendors and just buy very small quantities of common and rare items that would crop up from time to time, bundle them up, and resell them on the AH for huge profits. Ok...not "huge," but when you are in your middle levels, it can be a nice break from levelling to sit on the faire for a week and make several hundred gold, when most quests reward a few silver.

Darn you kids, get off my lawn!
With the update to the Faire in Cataclysm, there are even more ways to make gold, though sadly (?) no more herbs and leathers to bundle. Each month you can do the profession quests (total of 6) that reward a bit of gold, some rep, some darkmoon prize tickets, and of course, 5 skillups in that profession. This is a great and cheap way to max an alt's profession without getting it to 90 or spending hours farming Spirits.
Now with 100% more sparkles.
The other thing you get from the faire are the Darkmoon Prize Tickets. These can be stored up and redeemed for mounts and pets, as well as heirloom gear and transmog lookalike gear. There is always a market for pets, especially with the pet battle system, so trading in tickets for pets to sell is a probably source of income.  Personally I'm hoarding my tickets just in case something new and cool comes along in a future patch, but judging from how long it took to update the faire, it isn't really likely. I think at best there will be a new pet or mount with each patch.
I wouldn't recommend buying heirloom gear with tickets. It seems like using justice points or honor would be a much better use of currency, but to each their own.  One thing to note is that the transmog lookalike gear is BoE.  Though I haven't really seen it go up on the auction house much before, it is always possible. My philosophy is that anything BoE can be sold for a profit. It is just a matter of finding the right sucker buyer.

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