Saturday, February 2, 2013

Need MOAR Scribes!

It's almost time again for the Darkmoon Faire, and for the first time I finally understand why some goldmakers insist on having an army of scribes.  Because I never shuffled herbs in large quantities before, I alway had the restriction of not enough rare inks to make cards.  For two expansions I have made a card or two, here or there and sold them on the AH for a small profit.  This expansion I have been milling like crazy (see my last post) and have more free Starlight Ink than I can use.  I actually levelled inscription on a second character just so I could make two cards a day.  As it stands I have two decks completed and am close on four more. 

Of course now is a terrible time to buy the cards on the auction house since the prices will spike with the advent of the faire. I've never bothered trading them via tradechat before but that may end up being the way to go if I can't proc the proper cards over the course of the next week. 

I have always prided myself with having every profession covered at max level on all my alts. With the Spirit of Harmony barrier to some high-end crafting professions, some of my alts are stuck slightly below cap. Unfortunately all seven of my 80+ characters have their professions used up now.  I'm seriously considering dropping engineering on my lv. 80 Death Knight (covered to max elsewhere) just so I could have a third scribe.  It just seems so out of character for a DK to be a scribe...

Maybe after this faire I will look into it. I stand to make a substantial amount... six [basically] free decks worth 10-15k each. I'm a little leary about jumping on the trinket bandwagon this close to 5.2 but I feel like the trinkets will be good until 5.3 at least.  I'm hoping they maintain most of their value for at least another couple faires. I guess time will tell.

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