Monday, February 4, 2013

The more I know

I have been a member of the Consortium community for almost a year now and still find that every day I learn something new about some aspect of the WoW economy.  My gold-making abilities shot through the roof when I joined and started taking part in the various forum discussions, but I wouldn't even be on the radar of some ofthe really advanced guys on the site. Today I was wandering around and discovered that one of the top ranked guys in the community highlighted one of my comments and is taking my advice about selling a very rare and expensive item. I noticed for the first time that he has started a blog as well and I read a bit of it. My biggest takeaway* from it is something I already knew in part, but the point was really driven home. That is: I am spending way too much time doing things that aren't making a profit, and way too little time on the things that are. I spend all my time either directly producing or raiding. Even when I'm raiding I'm often milling half the night away between pulls.

This is me

What I need to do is sit down and figure out what are the areas I want to focus on, and how can I be most productive in them.  I have the Darkmoon Trinket thing going well for me, and I am probably going to end up with half-again as much gold at the end ofthe month from where I started, but I'm still small potatoes. Since I have alts with every profession capped or almost capped, I should be putting them to much better use.

Where I want to be
So, starting this week I want to reexamine what items I can easily produce in each of my profesions for a maximum rate of return. The idea will be to devote a couple days to each profession and track down large amounts of the base materials so that I can produce a lot of each item once; or easily and quickly replicate the production in the future when needed.

Since I started off talking about milling and the Darkmoon Faire decks already, I will first reexamine the rest of Inscription and move from there. I guess that means tomorrow I have to look at the (ugh) glyph market again.

*Footnote: There were many other takeaways, some directly related to how a gold blog should and shouldn't be done. I will be taking a lot of them under advisment, even though I may not directly mention them.

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