Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've just created this new World of Warcraft blog to share my enjoyment and knowledge of the WoW economy.  I have been playing and raiding since Burning Crusade, but was always poor ingame.  A friend made me take a second look at the AH and I quickly discovered how to make small-scale profits on things I was already doing.  This provided me with just enough gold to do some of the things I wanted.

When Lich King hit I knew I wanted to expand and try to really make some profits. I still never had outstanding assets, but I was able to save enough to craft the choppa and buy the vendor mount. With those successes behind me, I wanted to plow ahead into Cataclysm with the dream of never having to worry about gold again.  I started taking bigger chances and made about 10x as much, but still was nowhere near gold-cap (still not close!). Now with MoP, I feel like I have a really good handle on a lot of different markets and am only limited by my time and preponderance of ooh! shiney! moments.

I love talking about the various goldmaking activites I partake in, but get really frustrated when people assume it can be done immediately and don't want to putin the effort. I'm hoping that as this blog develops, I will be able to discover new tactics and hopefully share some of my insights with other goldmaking goblins.

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